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The uncertainties of a family law matter can lead to great anxiety, fear and distrust of the legal system.  For most citizens, a family law matter is their first experience with the judicial system.  Offered as a public service,  the resources below represent a broad range of ideas, information and opinions.  The inclusion of these resources does not imply any endorsement by Hooper & Jacobs LLC.
Grandparents’ Role. Grandparents can have an important role in helping shape their grandchildren’s lives for the better.  How much grandparenting is too much?  This guide attempts to help grandparents find the line between helping and interfering. 
Grandparents’ help to avoid divorce trauma.  Suggestions for grandparents who hope to help their grandchildren avoid  potential trauma of their parents’ bitter divorce.
A National look at family law matterswww.aaml.org   –    the website of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers,  an organization of approximately 1600 family law attorneys who are generally recognized by attorneys and judges as preeminent family law practitioners across the country.  The online library contains well researched articles on many aspects of family law disputes which are posted by Fellows of the AAML.  An excellent example is  the pamphlet Stepping Back From Anger (located at http://www.aaml.org/go/library/publications/stepping-back-from-anger) —  a valuable guide for protecting children from the emotional trauma of divorce.
International family law informationwww.iaml.org   –    website of the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, an international organization of  family law attorneys elected as Fellows by their peers through three regional chapters in the US, Canada and Europe.  The IAML Law Journal presents thorough examinations of international family law topics.
Psychological/ Psychiatric observations on family law disputeswww.apa.org/topics/divorce/index.aspx   –    published by the American Psychological Association, this website offers observations and advice from psychological experts on family topics including divorce, relocation, parental alienation, and custody information.  The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (aacap.org) publishes an informative and instructive ‘Facts for Families’ guide for divorcing parents.
Social Security Questions: http://www.ssa.gov/gethelp/gethelp1.htm.  From changing the name on a Social Security card to information on how divorce and/or remarriage effect  future retirement benefits, this government website helps with questions and answers about social security and divorce.  Form SS-5  – Application for Social Security card and necessarysteps for name change is available online.
Passport Issuance Alert Program:  http://travel.state.gov/abduction/prevention/passportissuance/passportissuance_554.html  :  program allows parents to register their US citizen children under the age of 18 so that if a passport application is submitted for a registered child, the Department contacts the parent or parents. Also alerts appropriate agencies if a parent or guardian objectes to passport issuance.
College bound student concerns:  On-line applications can be made at www.ezcollegeapps.com and a common applicaton is possible at www.commonapp.org.  For information on financial aid try www.finaid.org/calculators and www.college-scholarships.org   An informative and humorous guide to college admissions is available at www.gettingintocollegethe movie.com/ 
Children’s Air Travel:  Information and checklists for children flying unaccompanied, this is a helpful guide for planning summer vacation travel. www.airsafe.com/kidsafe/kidrules.htm

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